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The MSCA research project "SHINE – Students’ well-being and happiness during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in Greece and Cyprus” is being carried out at the European University of Cyprus under the supervision of Prof Marios Vryonides.


The project follows comparative and intersectional methods to exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis on students’ well-being in Cyprus and Greece, in order to understand patterns of inequality that affect happiness attainment in children. Specifically, secondary school students in Cyprus and Greece are given the opportunity to report their experiences and share insights into the impact of the pandemic crisis on their society, on their educational experience and especially on their everyday lives, and to share their thoughts and views on the role they see education can play in tackling this impact. Thus, this project raises important questions about the possible role of education for the promotion of students’ well-being in contexts of emergency such as the pandemic crisis, and aims to lay a foundation for tracing new ways of exploring the practices and discourses through which well-being and happiness are constituted.

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